Recycled Jewellery - What's it all about?

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Recycling isn’t only good for the environment! It can also breathe new life into your jewellery.

 This is something I didn't know until I started in this business. Something you would think would be way more mainstream now than it is. You can actually design and create recycled jewellery.

 Just imagine for a moment. That ring auntie Bubbly Bubble gave you all those years ago. You remember the one right? At the time you had to look like you loved it as she stared at your face with all the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. Now all this time it's been sitting in your jewellery box because you don’t have anything it really goes with. Maybe someone casually asks "why don't you wear that ring from auntie Bubbly Bubble". Just to be clear, not for one second do I actually imagine you have a relative called that, but if you do, that’s fantastic!

 Anyway, I digress, the point I am trying to make is that the great thing about gold and silver is that they can be melted down to create something brand new. Even precious and semiprecious stones can be reset. In fact, it is impossible to tell the difference between newly mined and polished diamonds next to recycled diamonds. But the greatest thing of all is depending on how much gold or silver there is then you could end up with something completely different.

Recycling ring in progress

 We have so many examples of different customers who have come in wanting something new designed and created out of broken chains, bracelets, rings and lots of bits and bobs of jewellery they no longer wear. In our on-site workshop we have melted them all down and turn them into bangles, rings, pendants, the list goes on! All of this from simply using the customer’s own gold and silver.

 This year I am hoping to help spread the word on recycled jewellery and it all starts here. If you or anybody you know has that piece of jewellery that you never knew quite what to do with. If you have that creative streak in you and are looking for a way to express it. If you just fancy a change and are interested in what we can achieve here at Della Kaur, then please get in touch! Our bespoke jewellery service provides you with the opportunity to get involved with the creation of an entirely unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that is designed by you and crafted to your personal requirements.

 It all starts with a consultation with me and my lovely and talented team. During this initial meeting we discuss your design ideas and share thoughts on inspirations and what you are hoping to get out of the experience.

Once we have established and agreed on an initial direction for your design and what sort of budget you would like to work within we set off in search of the most beautiful gemstones that fit your desires and begin to sketch a series of designs that are unique to your vision.

Diamond Gold Rings

Another meeting will follow after this where we can finalise your design and you can pick what gemstones to utilise in the piece. You will also get to see all the detailed technical drawings that have been created to document the journey of your piece of jewellery from idea to an item that is completely you and will be treasured for generations to come. Here are a couple of examples of our previous works.

A brand new diamond placed into a platinum recycled ring. 

Platinum Diamond Ring

A white gold and blue topaz pendant which was made entirely through recycling.

White Gold Blue Topaz Pendant 

If you think you or someone you love would like to get involved in a personal journey like this or you are simply curious and would like to know a little more then you can call us on 01223 462 256 or simply drop in sometime to our showroom and workshop on Magdalene Street in the University city of Cambridge.





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