Cufflinks for men

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By Wayne Talbot

The Della Kaur collection is growing, and it’s for men.

The inimitable silver smith is working on our latest exclusive designs in the workshop. These silver creations are fun (I found out what silver smiths do with a block of charcoal, it’s a secret silver smith thing (sort of) and how they flame a finish to some silver products). The team started debating though – a key points for cufflink owners – feel free to chip in. DK herself started it with the statement that like AG (the other man on the team) that chains ‘is best’. Personally I’m a no chain man myself, preferring a rod. I know my wife prefers me to be a rod man as well – mainly because of business trips. I have a chain linked cufflink and struggle to get them into the relevant cuff holes. A rod allows for a steady and clean insertion, twist and hold.  Which means there is no need to invite anyone to my room to help with the cufflinks, or even the embarrassment of having to go to a colleague with a request for help. Of course this is countered by the fact AG is obviously more accomplished than me  and can use a chain or a rod with no problem.

That still leaves me with the dilemma of a chain. Who should I invite to be my third hand to help with the insertion and clasping of my cuffs? My wife is clear – no none. Of course then there is the alternative hinge or ball fitting. So friends over to you. Which would you prefer? Just check out the possibilities using this link to our cufflink page and let us know which you prefer and why by emailing us.

Currently only available to purchase in store but email for request.

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