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Pearls are popular this month.

Our new Mournir pearl earrings and necklaces are causing comment so we thought you might like to hear what our team recommends for your pearl care. The top five tips for this month then are:

1. Avoid your other jewellery scratching and scuffing your pearls. Try to keep your pearls separate to your other jewellery;

2. Don’t let your pearls expose themselves when you are not wearing them. Too much heat and light is not good for them. It’s a type of tanning you don’t want to encourage;

3. When you put them to bed make sure it’s in a cloth bag or cloth lined box where you store them;

4. Treat them to a gentle shampooing occasionally, use a baby shampoo with mineral water and apply with a very soft brush. Always finish their shampooing by rinsing with mineral water;

5. When drying pearls always dab don’t rub.

One final tip for those new to pearls… put your pearls on last after the makeup and perfume and don’t spray them with anything while you are wearing them. They don’t like chemicals. Oh, and if you have pearls that are unstrung come and see us about getting them knotted or restrung.

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