Spooning wedding rings

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Our highly skilled Master Jeweller has done it again. This time with spoons. These old worn silver spoons have definitely seen better days. There was no longer any hint of a hallmark and the merest flicker of an engraving on one of them. To add to the tragedy they used to belong to a Great Grandma. So what do you do with Great Grandmas spoon collection? Put them into the hands of our Master, Chris and let him create something rather wonderful anew…

Chris invited me into his craftsman’s den as he dealt the final blows to the spoons. They were subjected to heat until they gave up the ghost and any pretension of spooniness and became liquid. Then with ease Chris turned them to ingots. Not bright and shiney but grey and dull at this point. I was then sent away only to be summoned back another day. Brand new sparkling wedding rings were undergoing a final polish. No longer grey and dull but polished silver, sparkly and something Great Grandma and a new Groom can be proud of.

So, if there are some old tired spoons in your drawers, dig them out then talk to us? Chris might be the man to transform them them, reincarnate them into something new for you.

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