Avoiding entanglements with your chains

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As most of us are aware, they all like to get entangled and all sorts of kinks and strains can be created. So thinking about your neckware we would suggest a little help through:

  1. Make sure you store your chains with the clasps done up, it really does help keep them untangled.
  2. Store your favourite necklaces and chokers in a box. Avoid putting them in a heap in your jewellery box.
  3. Make sure your snake chains are never coiled or kinked. Store them by hanging them in the correctly sized box.
  4. Gemstones and pendants can be cleaned, lovingly, with warm soapy water and a soft brush.
  5. For a chain you wear all the time, remember to avoid harsh chemicals such as perfume or the detergents in the bathroom. Try to avoid giving your necklace a bath, shower or indirect shampooing.

At Della Kaur, we offer a service to check on your favourite pieces that might need a more thorough clean and polish. Pop in and see us to see if there is anything we can do to help, or even if you want a cleaning cloth to help with tarnishing.

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