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Here are a few frequently asked questions that we receive here in our workshop. If you have any more that we may have missed or if you would like to enquire about recycling or remodelling a piece of your own, then please get in touch either by email HERE or give us a call on 01223 462 256.

 Q) What is a "recycled diamond"?

 A) A recycled diamond is one that has been previously used in a piece of jewellery, removed/ or 'recovered', re-polished, properly graded and mounted into a new piece of jewellery.

  Q) Are recycled metals as good as newly mined metals?

 A)  Absolutely!  When a metal is mined from the earth, the metal ore is chemically processed to purify the metal content to very high levels - typically 99.99%. Instead of digging the earth for ore, recycled metals are generated using scrap precious metals from various sources which are purified, through a refining process, to the same high level as mined gold. The "refined" pure metals from both the mine and the recycled source are of identical purity!

 Q) Why bother with recycled metals? What good will it do?

 A) Recycled metals are very important indeed. If we continue to use fresh mined metals, we are paying an enormous environmental price. By using recycled metals, the "environmental bill" has already been paid.

 Q) Are recycled diamonds worth less than mined diamonds?

 A) A recycled diamond is every bit as precious as a freshly mined diamond. You could argue it is far more precious as you can be assured recycled diamond is not coming to you from sources tied to drugs, exploitation or funding/supporting terrorism.  We always endeavor to source ours from a reputable supplier and that they come with a certificate from the GIA - the uncertified ones also have information about their grading. 

 Q) What sort of precious stones can I recycle?

 A) Well, a general rule of thumb is anything with diamonds in is economical to recycle. As they are such a rare & valuable gemstone it is almost always worth remodeling or recycling a diamond ring, pendant, bracelet or a set of earrings. Good quality Sapphires & Ruby jewellery is also worth. Emeralds are too but they are a little brittle & can chip or break when unset & reset. Larger stones are usually safer to recycle than very small ones. Although we can reset any gemstone when it comes to some semi-precious stones we do point out that the cost of the work may outweigh the value of the stones especially if it is lots of tiny gems.

 Q) What sort of precious metals can I recycle?

A) Silver and yellow gold melts very well for reuse. You could melt an old gold or silver ring & make something new quite easily. Due to the alloys used in white metals (like white gold & platinum) they do not melt quite so well. It is still workable but it can be more delicate.

 Q) Can you turn yellow gold into white gold?

A) Although this is possible, it is usually done on a larger scale at specialist refining centers. In a smaller workshop setup, the labor to carry out this process would far outweigh the value of the precious metal. What we often do is offer to make a small detail of the new jewellery that contains the old gold.

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