• £40.00

This workshop will show you how to string and knot pearls or other similar beads for a traditional finish.

Many years ago the art of pearl knotting was used to ensure that beads were securely attached to the silk thread, so that should it ever break, precious beads were not lost. It was also a way of ensuring soft natural pearls did not rub directly against each other and mark or wear.

There are various ways to knot, and this particular workshop will show you a simple technique using tweezers, to ensure a tight and neat finish. It will teach you how to successfully individually knot your string of beads, and add a clasp to finish the item ready to wear.

These can be easily used in future to make repairs, or restring any precious broken items you may have in your jewellery box at home. 

No previous experience is required, and all tools and materials you need are provided.

All students must be 18 or over