• £585.00

Week 1 - beginners wax carving

Design and make a simple ring, using carving wax and wax carving tools. Learn how to size your design, create a sculptural 3D design, and learn how to prepare your design ready for casting in silver. We will take your piece to be cast - week 4 will continue with the project.

Week 2 - fold forming

A great way to build on your silversmithing skills, traditional folding techniques using copper to start - then a final project in silver.
Students are guided through several techniques to create sculptural 3D forms without soldering. These techniques will enhance your metal construction skills, taking your jewellery to new places !

Week 3 - flush setting

Students will learn how to set small faceted round stones in to silver - without claws or bezels. Once mastered in a practice piece, students can design and make a pair of simple silver earrings or a simple silver pendant.

Week 4 - wax carving continued

Students receive their cast piece back, learn how to clean up and polish for the first half of the day.
2nd part of the day will include more wax carving techniques - combining different types of wax and trying different surface decoration techniques ( this piece will not be cast but we can direct you to where to go for future projects ).


Classes will be on 

Thursday's 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th of July from 11:00 till 4:00